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Dr. Mohammad MANSOURI, Associate professor at ENSAPL, PhD in architecture, specialised in computational design and digital fabrication (C2-C3), coordinator of the scientific programme
Prof. David BULTEEL, Full professor at IMTNE, specialised in the valorisation of industrial by-products in civil engineering and the study of the environmental impact and the durability of materials (C1)
Sabrina CHENAFI, PhD candidate at ENSAPL, specialised in the restoration of concrete architectural heritage by additive 3D printing (C2-C3)
Xavier GARNAVAULT, Researcher at the University of Liège, engineer-architect (C2-C3)
Prof. Antonella MASTRORILLI, Full professor at ENSAPL, PhD in sciences and techniques of architecture, specialised in relationships between architecture, sciences and new technologies (C2-C3)
Prof. Rochdi MERZOUKI, Full professor at Polytech Lille, PhD in robotics, specialised in robotic systems and mechatronics robots (C3)
Prof. Sébastien RÉMOND, Full professor at Polytech Orléans, PhD in civil engineering, specialised in rheological characterisation, mixture proportioning of concrete containing industrial by-products and concrete 3D printing (C1)
Dr. Maria TALEB, Researcher at IMTNE, PhD in civil engineering, specialised in characterisation and valorisation of recycled concrete aggregates in new concretes and in concrete 3D print (C1-C3)

Collaboration for a top-tier programme

The scientific programme of 3D Build 2023 will be operated by two of the most renowned research institutions respectively in architecture and engineering: the Design, History, Territory and Materiality Laboratory (LACTH) and the Civil Engineering and Environmental Research Centre (CERI MP) of the IMTNE.

The robotic equipment for 3D printing will be provided by Polytech Lille (the Engineering School of the University of Lille and a founding member of the first French network of engineering schools, the Polytech Group).

This collaboration will benefit the 3D Build 2023 summer school.


Organisers & Partners