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Co-organised by the University of Lille (largest French university and in the top 100 European most innovative universities of the Times Higher Education ranking) and the International Academy (summer university for international students in Hauts-de-France), the France Excellence Summer School ACES 2021 is a strong online 40-hour training programme focusing on the fundamental aspects of control, automation & electrical engineering, in line with top-tier research centres & leading innovative computer science, power electronics & automation clusters.

Midway between Paris, London and Brussels, at the heart of a high-performance academic and economic hub that makes innovation a priority, ACES 2021 will provide high-standard English-taught classes, scientific immersion in the field, as well as an introduction to research through a supervised project. A smart opportunity to broaden your international experience under enjoyable digital conditions with fellow students worldwide.

ACES 2021 will build upon the successful ACES 2018 France Excellence Summer School.


As a research-oriented Summer School, ACES 2021 will be a springboard for your enrolment in a PhD programme in France in the fields of automation and power electronics.


3 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits pertaining to the completed assessments and a personalised Certificate of Completion will be awarded to the students to authenticate their participation.

Application & Fees


ACES 2021 will select its participants on the academic quality of their application.
Maximum number of participants: 20


Deadline for Early Bird applications: June 14th 2021

Final deadline for applications: June 18th 2021 POSTPONED to June 27th 2021


  • Master & PhD students


  • Excellent academic results and in-depth knowledge in electrical engineering & automation
  • Advanced English
Application Process

To apply for this Summer School, please follow this process:

  1. Send us an email (;
  2. Fill in the Application Form that you will addressed and return it with all the required supporting documents by the deadline;
  3. Wait for admission results that should reach you by June 21st;
  4. If your application is accepted, make your payment by international transfer by June 28th.

Tuition Fees

Early Bird fee
(applications made by June 14th)


250 €

Fee for students from the University of Lille or UniLaSalle


250 €

Standard fee
(applications made after June 14th)


450 €


Content Outline

Focusing on the fundamental aspects of control, observation and electrical systems, ACES 2021 will offer top scientific lectures, seminars and meetings with leading researchers in the fields of automatic control and electrical systems, as well as an introduction to research through a supervised project. The quality of the work undertaken and your scientific potential will be assessed.

Particular emphasis will be laid on hybrid systems, system identification, electric and hybrid vehicles and trains, capable of inventing and developing new breakthroughs and technological developments.

NB: Minor modifications in the programme may occur.


Advanced Modelling Methods, Advanced Control Methods, Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, Energetic Macroscopic Representation, Innovative Energy Storage Systems, High-Efficiency Electrical Machines, Geo-Localisation, System Identification, Parameters Estimation.

Programme at a Glance

Lectures & Seminars

Electrical Systems

  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
  • e-Mobility on Campus
  • Energetic Macroscopic Representation Graphical Formalism for Electric Vehicles
  • Energetic Macroscopic Representation and Modelling of Electric Vehicles
  • Energetic Macroscopic Representation and Control of Electric Vehicles
  • Batteries for Electric Vehicles
  • Advanced Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles
  • Electrical Motor Design for Electric Vehicles
  • Innovative Power Trains for Electric Vehicles

Automatic Control

  • System Identification
  • Estimation in Linear and Nonlinear Systems
  • Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
  • Integro-Differential Algebra for Parameter Estimation
  • Smart Factory

Scientific Research Project

Designed to facilitate your admission to Doctoral programmes in France, the Scientific Research Project will require both personal and teamwork. It will include sessions of tutorials or free discussion with researchers and PhD students from the CRIStAL and L2EP laboratories.

The project will involve the analysis of articles, bibliographical summaries, a presentation of state-of-the-art trends in the chosen research topic, simulations when appropriate and a final project defence in front of the scientific board.

You will have every opportunity to contact teachers/researchers with a view to supervision of a future PhD programme; assistance will be provided in maintaining contact in order to finalise the project up to enrolment in the doctoral programme.

Why Choose Us?


Prof. Lotfi BELKOURA, Full Professor, CRIStAL, University of Lille (coordinator of the scientific programme)
Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL, Full Professor, L2EP, University of Lille (coordinator of the scientific programme)

Ms. Elis Marina SALES DE CASTRO, PhD student, L2EP, University of Lille (who attended ACES 2018)
Dr. Denis EFIMOV, INRIA Research Associate, CRIStAL
Prof. Maan El BADAOUI El NAJJAR, Full Professor, CRISTtAL, University of Lille
Dr. Ronan GERMAN, Associate Professor, L2EP, University of Lille
Prof. Eric HITTINGER, Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. Nadir IDIR, Full Professor, L2EP, University of Lille
Dr. François LEMAIRE, Associate Professor, CRISTtAL, University of Lille
Prof. Betty LEMAIRE-SEMAIL, Full Professor, L2EP, University of Lille
Dr. Walter LHOMME, Associate Professor, L2EP, University of Lille
Mr. LI Kaibo, PhD student, L2EP, University of Lille
Mr. Ryan Carlos DE OLIVEIRA BERRIEL, PhD student, L2EP, University of Lille (who attended ACES 2018)
Dr. Mihaly PETRECZKY, CNRS Research Associate, CRIStAL
Prof. Éric SEMAIL, Full Professor, L2EP, Arts et Métiers ParisTech
Dr. TANG Zuqi, Associate Professor, L2EP, University of Lille
Dr. Jean-Marc VANNOBEL, Associate Professor, CRIStAL, University of Lille

Collaboration Means Success

The scientific programme of ACES 2021 will be operated by two most renowned research laboratories in the fields of electrical engineering and automation: the Research Centre in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control of Lille (CRIStAL, 400 members) and the Laboratory on Electrical Energy and Power Electronics (L2EP, 100 members) — both hosted by the University of Lille.

Both labs offer PhD theses on various topics including automatic control and electrical systems. Globally ¼ of the PhD are co-supervised with international universities (Canada, China, Europe, North Africa, etc.) and ¼ of the PhD are in collaboration with the industrial world (Alstom, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Siemens, etc.).

The CRIStAL research laboratory has a joint research laboratory with Nanjing University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), focused on automatic control: the LaFCAS. The L2EP research laboratory has annually held an international Summer School “Energetic Macroscopic Representation, modelling and control of electric vehicles and other applications” since 2006 (even year in Lille, odd year abroad) – the 2008 edition was organised in Harbin (China).

These parnerships and experiences will benefit the ACES 2021 Summer School.

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