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What is the International Academy Lille Hauts-de-France?

From June to September, the International Academy organises face-to-face or online training programmes that provide access to French universities and graduate schools as part of preparatory sessions for studies or explorations of the training and research offerings of higher education institutions.

On a dynamic, multicultural summer campus, the International Academy runs pre-university, propaedeutical and (pre-)doctoral programmes with the highest standards of training and welcome services.

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    Make the smart move! The International Academy promotes the success of international students of all levels and disciplines by fostering successful academic integration. Join us and benefit from experienced teachers and researchers from excellent institutions, labs and companies in the Hauts-de-France and beyond.

  • Welcome Services

    Everything is ready for your smooth arrival! We provide high-standard welcome services depending on your programme: welcoming at the airport or station, transportation, catering, accommodation or administrative tutoring. Make yourself at home!

  • Higher education and research institutions

    We welcome new collaborations! Universities, graduate schools and laboratories of the Hauts-de-France may get in touch with us for tailor-made programmes.

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1,458 students
39 host partner
95 nationalities
14,403 hours of


Pre-University Programmes

Pre-university programmes are intensive summer training sessions aiming at facilitating a successful integration of studies and life in France.
They are designed for international students seeking French-taught degrees, offering linguistic, methodological, (inter)cultural, practical and/or propaedeutical preparation required for future studies and life in France, together with welcome services and administrative support – taking into account their language levels and fields of study.

  • The e-Academy.90 programme is a 90-hour online training taught in French, designed in collaboration with all our partner institutions and open to any international student or researcher,
  • Every e-Academy.25 (taught in English) or e-Academy.20 (taught in French) programme has been tailored on request by one partner institution to meet their students’ needs.

When the training takes place in person, the final assessment of French language skills may take the form of an official “Test de Connaissance du Français” (TCF).

If you want to register: Contact Us!

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2024 online training pre-university programme for all international students.

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Summer Schools

Our research-oriented schools are English-taught international summer schools covering specific subjects for learning, discovering and networking into studies or research in France.

  • Specialist lectures and workshops taught by top-tier research laboratories or institutes,
  • Cultural immersion to get a glimpse into the life of a student or researcher in Hauts-de-France.

High standard programme for international publics

Cutting-edge training
Scientific research project
Visits, culture & social events

The International Academy has been running summer schools since 2017!

Our alumni are happy as they’ll tell you about it:

quote author picture
  • I would like to thank all the organization for being so careful with all of us.
  • The summer school was very interesting and helpful. You could get an overall understanding about food and health. It’s also a great chance to discover the French society and make friends with very nice local people.
    LIU Tingting
  • In the Summer School, many professors shared their research projects, and provided a general understanding of sustainable catalysis in a short month. I learned the latest progresses and main challenges in biomass utilization, which has deeply influenced my PhD research.
    WU Dan
  • Experiencing the course in France opened great opportunities to study human health, to connect with people from different countries, and learn more about France. Everything was on point for an effusive learning and cultural stay in France. Thank you!
    Matheus Thomaz NOGUEIRA SILVA LIMA

Our dynamic and friendly team

Excited for your student mobility to France? Moving to study in another country requires some preparation but no worries, we’ll accompany you on your first steps! Just buckle up and follow our lead and I will make sure our enjoyable teachings get you ready for the future.

I am so happy to receive you at the International Academy. I shall be at your disposal for you to make the most of this programme and in the best of conditions.
Clément DEPAUW

You may put your mind at ease, for we are here to make sure your studies abroad proceed pleasantly ! Our goal is to assure your integration and the acquisition of all the needed tools for a defining voyage as scholars in France.

Ready to set out on your French academic journey? We will make sure your first stopover at the International Academy is a memorable one and will do our very best to provide everything you need to succeed down the road. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Hello and welcome to Hauts-de-France! Your first experience begins with us this summer at the International Academy. It’s an opportunity to get acquainted with the French language, our customs, and to discover our region. Have a great experience and a wonderful start!

Hello! I’m so pleased to meet you all. As one of the assistants, I’m here to support you with any questions you may have. So rest assured and enjoy your academic stay!
Mari-Morgane DERO

Our talented partner

Hey there, future COPAINs! I’m Florian, your friendly neighborhood guide and President of COPAIN. Think of me as your personal compass for navigating student life in the Hauts-de-France. With a decade of experience wrangling international students (and a heart as big as a Belgian waffle), I’m here to make sure your stay is unforgettable.

I’m a teacher at heart, a traveler by passion, and a firm believer in paying it forward. Whether you need the inside scoop on the best frietjes in Lille or a helping hand adjusting to life in the North, I’ve got your back. And after nearly 10 years of collaborating with the lovely International Academy Team on summer schools, I’m thrilled to be your partner in adventure once again. Let’s make some memories!
Florian VIRLY