International Academy
The Summer University
For International Higher Education & Research Publics
In Hauts-de-France

What is the International Academy?


The International Academy is the summer university for international higher education & research publics in the Hauts-de-France Region.

It fosters integration and interactive exchange between students worldwide from various disciplines, offering not only exciting teachings but also welcome services, administrative support and insight into educational integration.


We offer quality training in various disciplines. We recruit experienced teachers and researchers from excellent institutions, universities, labs and companies in Hauts-de-France and beyond.

Welcome Services

Sit back and relax, for we provide high-standard welcome services. Depending on your programme, you may get catering, accommodation, transportation or administrative tutoring.

Le monde avec vous

Le monde avec vous (i.e. ‘the world with you‘ in French) is a programme powered by the International Academy to integrate international students and enhance regional attractivity.

  • Create links & boost intercultural exchanges
  • Celebrate the Hauts-de-France & its heritage

If you want to take part in this programme as a partner or as a guest, please email us .


partner universities


hours of training

Pre-University Programmes (PreU)


Pre-university sessions aiming at French language acquisition, cultural adaptation and academic acculturation:

  • General and Academic French,
  • Methodology for Studies in France,
  • Culture and Intercultural Communication,
  • Discovery of your Host Region.

Outlined principles of the PreU programmes

We’ve had 9 sessions of satisfied students since 2012!

The pre-university programmes in summer 2021…

e-Academy.90 pre-university programme:

  • 90-hour training
  • Distance learning: entirely online
  • 26thJuly – 25th August 2021
  • Fees: 900 €
  • Registration deadline: 15th June 2021

e-Academy.25 pre-university programmes:

  • 25-hour training
  • Distance learning: entirely online
  • Tailored for our partner universities & graduate schools
  • Registration deadline: 15th July 2021

France Excellence Summer Schools (EeFE)


Specialist Summer Schools covering specialist subjects for learning, discovering and networking into PhD Studies in France in high-standard English-taught programmes:


➡ Follow cutting-edge pre-doctoral scientific programmes in specialist subjects,
➡ Delve into French research,
➡ Get a peek at French culture,
➡ Enjoy thrilling cultural visits (in face-to-face sessions),
➡ Benefit from inclusive welcome services (in face-to-face sessions).

We’ll run 3 France Excellence Summer Schools next summer

entirely online from July 5th to 13th 2021

Make the smart move!




Pre-Doctoral France Excellence Summer School on Automatic Control & Electrical Systems.

Make the smart choice!




Pre-Doctoral France Excellence Summer School on Glycation, Maillard Reaction & Carbamylation.

Building your future!




Pre-Doctoral France Excellence Summer School on the 20th Century Architecture and Landscape.

Past France Excellence Summer Schools
run by the International Academy

Contact Us


We are at your disposal should you need any more information.

Florence BOUVET
EeFE and General Coordination
  +33 320 798 742  
  +33 601 713 546
PreU and Language & Culture Programme Coordination
  +33 320 798 741  
  +33 637 942 658
Clément DEPAUW
Welcome Services and Administration
  +33 320 798 724  
  +33 601 720 116


Any question? Please email us!

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Ingénierie de services is what the International Academy provides. We are professionals in coordination and organisation at the service of higher education institutions of the Hauts-de-France Region and their network partners.