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Dr. Marcia Carolina ARAQUE MARIN, Associate Professor in chemical engineering and catalytic reactors, Centrale Lille (C4)
Dr. Christophe DUJARDIN, UCCS, Associate Professor in chemistry and infrared spectroscopy, ENSCL (C3)
Pr. Franck DUMEIGNIL, Director of UCCS Laboratory, specialised in biomass chemistry, University of Lille (C7)
Pr. Pascal GRANGER, UCCS, Full Professor in chemistry, depollution mechanisms, University of Lille (C8)
Dr. Benjamin KATRINYOK, Associate Professor in chemical engineering and catalytic reactors, biomass chemistry, Centrale Lille (C4)
Dr. Andrei KHODAKOV, CNRS Research Director in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, biofuels (C1-C5-C9)
Pr. Jean-François LAMONIER, Deputy Director of Chevreul Institute, specialised in depollution, chemistry and oxidation catalysis, University of Lille (C8-C9)
Dr. Éric MARCEAU, Associate Professor, in material synthesis and characterisation, University of Lille (C2)
Dr. Vitaly ORDOMSKY, CNRS-Solvay Shanghai Research Associate in transformation and valorisation of biomass and CO₂, University of Lille (C6)
Pr. Edmond PAYEN, Emeritus in Raman spectroscopy, ENSCL (C3)
Dr. Mirella VIRGINIE, Associate Professor in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, methane and CO₂ valorisation, ENSCL (C10)

Collaboration for a top-tier programme

The scientific programme of SusCat 2019 will be operated on the University of Lille scientific campus (Faculty of Science and Technology, Villeneuve d’Ascq) by the Catalysis and Solid Chemistry Laboratory (UCCS, one of the most renowned centres of catalysis in Europe), in collaboration with Eco-Efficient Products and Processes Laboratory (E2P2L, CNRS-Solvay, the UCCS’s sister lab in Shanghai, China).

Members of the UCCS and its mother institutions: Centrale Lille (one of the oldest engineering schools in France), the National Graduate School of Chemistry of Lille (ENSCL, a prominent and most internationalised French engineering school) and the University of Lille, as well as the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS, one the world’s leading research institutions).

Organisers & Partners