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Prof. Frédéric TESSIER, Professor in analytical chemistry, glycation, Maillard reaction and nutrition, University of Lille (coordinator of the scientific programme)
Dr. Pauline ANTON, Academic Dean Master in Food & Health, Associate Professor in digestive physiopharmacology and food safety, UniLaSalle
Dr. Thierry AUSSENAC, Head of Research Unit Transformations & Agroresources, specialised in food analysis, UniLaSalle
Prof. Éric BOULANGER, Professor in geriatrics and ageing biology, Vice-Dean for Research of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lille
Dr. Céline JOUQUAND, Associate Professor in food biochemistry, UniLaSalle
Dr. Carine DELAYRE-ORTHEZ, Head of the College of Health Sciences, Associate Professor in immunology and pharmacotoxicology, UniLaSalle
Dr. Chantal FRADIN, Associate Professor in molecular biology of ageing, University of Lille
Dr. Christophe FURMAN, Associate Professor in pharmaco-biochemistry (drug discovery), University of Lille
Dr. Alina GHINET, Associate Professor in Associate Professor in medicinal chemistry, Head of the Laboratory of Sustainable Chemistry and Health, Junia
Prof. Philippe GILLERY, Professor in biochemistry and molecular biology, University of Reims-Champagne-Ardenne
Dr. Stéphane JAISSON, Associate Professor in biochemistry and molecular biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Reims-Champagne-Ardenne
Dr. Stéphanie REGNAULT, Head of the College of Food Industries and Bioprocessing, Associate Professor in analytical chemistry and nutrition, UniLaSalle

Collaboration for a top-tier programme

The scientific programme of Food & Health 2022 will be operated by three internationally renowned research laboratories for the study of agro-food, human nutrition, diagnostic biochemistry, organic chemistry and health: GLYCATION-INFLAMMATION-AGEING (multidisciplinary translational research team), PETALES (Transformations and Agro-Resources) and MEDyC (Extracellular Matrix and Cellular Dynamics), all of them hosting experimental equipment of excellence and cooperating with local and international agro-food and pharmaceutical companies.

The scientific programme is coordinated by the Lille University School of Medicine (the largest training and research centre for physicians in France) and the Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle Beauvais. Lille University School of Medicine has more than 50 active partnerships and programmes worldwide. The International Association of LaSallian Universities belongs to several educational and scientific networks and has developed strong partnerships at local, national and international level.

These collaborations will benefit the Food & Health 2022 Summer School.

Organisers & Partners