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Ass. Prof. HDR Thomas BEAUFILS, Associate Professor focusing on heritage and memory practices in northern Europe, notably specialised in preventive heritage conservation at the University of Lille (main coordinator of the scientific programme).
Prof. Philippe ABRAHAMI, Full Professor of ancient near eastern history and archaeology, head of the Ancient Worlds Master’s programme at the University of Lille (coordinator of the scientific programme).
Prof. Sandrine HUBER, Full Professor of classical archaeology and head of HALMA at the University of Lille (coordinator of the scientific programme).
Prof. Chang Ming PENG, Full Professor of contemporary art history and museology, head of the Master’s programme in art history and the “Heritage and Museums” museology track at the University of Lille (coordinator of the scientific programme).
Ms. Christine AUBRY, Research engineer and general secretary of IRHiS at the University of Lille.
Ass. Prof. Laura BARATIN, Professoressa ordinaria specialised in heritage conservation and restoration at Università Degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo (Italy).
Ms. Barbara COUTURAUD, Director of the Amyan Archaeological Mission and person in charge of the Louvre Museum’s ancient Mesopotamia collections.
Mr. Julien CUNY, Curator at the Louvre Museum and head of the French Archaeological Mission in Bahrain.
Ass. Prof. HDR Isabelle ENAUD, Associate Professor in contemporary art history at the University of Lille.
Certif. teacher Sabrina FORMENT, Coordinator of the project to produce mediation films in English as part of the Master’s degree in museology at the University of Lille.
Mr. Sébastien GONDET, Archaeologist specialised in excavations in Iran and heritage promotion at the Archéorient laboratory.
Mr. Thibault GUILLAUMONT, CEO and cofounder of Holusion.
Prof. Étienne HAMON, Full Professor in medieval art history at the University of Lille.
Ass. Prof. Florence LE BARS-TOSI, Associate Professor with a valuable experience in museums, particularly in Italy, and has taught at the Federico II University in Naples.
Mr. Frédéric MOUGENOT, Curator at the Palais des Beaux-Arts of Lille.

Collaboration for a top-tier programme

The scientific programme of EMMEH 2024 will be operated by two most renowned research laboratories in the fields of cultural heritage:

The Institute for Historical Research of Septentrion (IRHiS, 135 members) and the History, Archaeology and Literature of the Ancient Worlds Laboratory (HALMA, 220 members) — both hosted by the University of Lille.

IRHiS carries out high-level scientific research in the fields of history, archaeology (medieval, modern and contemporary), as well as art history and visual studies. Composed of historians, art historians and archaeologists, this laboratory is structured around three axes: creative processes and practices of knowledge; powers, norms and conflicts; materialities/imaterialities.

HALMA closely associates archaeologists, historians, philologists and specialists of ancient cultures. Its research extends from prehistory to the latest Antiquity and covers the Mediterranean basin and Northern Europe, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Middle East. Its international influence is based on numerous collaborations with French scientific institutions abroad, on an extensive network of European and North American partner universities, as well as on an excellent integration into the regional archaeology, heritage, and culture community.

These parnerships and experiences will benefit the EMMEH 2024 summer school.

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